I don’t really know if going to the Mall is the National Pastime in the Philippines but Filipinos really love to go “Malling”. In the Philippines people don’t just go to the mall to do some shopping. They go to:

Beat the Heat (It gets really hot in the summer)
Have a bite to eat
Watch a free concert
To be seen

What do people in your City love to do?


Sometimes when you’re walking down the street you see things that really get your attention. Can you tell what caught my eye in this photo?

check comments for the answer

Figaro is a filipino owned coffee chain that in my opinion has the best espresso drinks in town! A bold statement but I have my reasons. I make my judgement on a coffee shop by trying two drinks and if either of the drinks are good then the coffee shop is good for me. The two drinks I try are a single shot of espresso and an iced latte. The espresso must have good crema (a reddish-brown foam that floats on the surface and is composed of vegetable oils, proteins and sugars) and the iced latte can’t be too strong. In the case of Figaro both drinks passed my little test.

more on coffee later….

Padyak Pinoy


padyak pinoy
Look what passed by my house in the Morning!!! This was the start of the Apalit to Zambales stage of The Padyak Pinoy 2009.

Spanish History


spanishThe original location of this Spanish style house was Manila the locals say that many Spanish homes were moved rather than destroyed during a modernization period in Manila. This was good for the houses since Manila was later destroyed during WWII.

You can find more Spanish homes in the city of Vigan, Ilocos Sur the oldest Colonial Spanish City in the Country.

another phone cam shot



apr22If you have ever been to Manila then you’ve most likely visited Greenhills.

church2I walked by the church again today but I forgot to bring my camera again. This was another shot from my cell phone. I will remember to bring my camera next time.