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If you have ever been to Manila then you’ve most likely visited Greenhills. Advertisements

If you get tired of shopping at Tiendesitas just find a spot and have a seat. Tiendesitas not only has great shops but it is also a nice place to relax.

Mall King


In the Philippines SM or Shoe Mart is the King of all malls. There are many other mall options that some may say are better but SM is still by far the most popular. This particular location is in Angeles City and is called SM Clark because of it’s proximity to the old American Air […]

A Horse


While shopping for dog supplies at Tiendesitas in Manila I stumbled upon this horse that reminded me of a picture I took for my old blog. Tiendesitas is an outdoor mall that has many interesting items for sale from pet supplies, pets, furniture, art and souvenirs.



In the Philippines most major highways and roads have street vendors. You can buy almost anything but this one has Bananas! This shot was taken in the city of San Fernando, Pampanga.