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Time for Church


Took this shot during a 5-minute “Drive-Thru” style baptism ceremony. I know that some people think church ceremonies are too long but c’mon were not in Vegas! What type of introduction is this to the Catholic faith. Anyway, at least the church looked beautiful. Advertisements

Spanish History


The original location of this Spanish style house was Manila the locals say that many Spanish homes were moved rather than destroyed during a modernization period in Manila. This was good for the houses since Manila was later destroyed during WWII. You can find more Spanish homes in the city of Vigan, Ilocos Sur the […]

I walked by the church again today but I forgot to bring my camera again. This was another shot from my cell phone. I will remember to bring my camera next time.

The church houses a life sized ivory statue of Saint Peter and ceiling paintings that are worth a look. Apalit was supposedly named for the large tree in the courtyard a Narra (Apalit – in Kapangpangan) tree. The tree is no longer there. Stay tuned for more info and shots of this church. I used […]