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… get some watermelon. We couldn’t pass this fruit stand without getting some watermelons. If you drive through Pampanga or most provinces in the Philippines you will see these colorful stands. Most selling local fruit, vegetables or other local delicacies. Advertisements

Figaro is a filipino owned coffee chain that in my opinion has the best espresso drinks in town! A bold statement but I have my reasons. I make my judgement on a coffee shop by trying two drinks and if either of the drinks are good then the coffee shop is good for me. The […]

An Icy Treat


Ice cold young coconut is very refreshing after a very hot day.

Caged Up


It seems as if this pig knows what is going to happen. Just look at it’s eyes.

Sooo Goood!


Sorry, internet was down this weekend. Green mangoes(Indian) are not as sour as they look. These were so sweet and crunchy.



The Chocolate French toast from UCC Vienna Cafe at SM Pampanga is not really a Filipino dish but it is sooooo good!!! UCC Vienna Cafe is owned by Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd. from Japan and has numerous locations throughout the Philippines.



In the Philippines most major highways and roads have street vendors. You can buy almost anything but this one has Bananas! This shot was taken in the city of San Fernando, Pampanga.