Bringing in the New Year with a Bag!!!

I love the Holidays in the Philippines!!!


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Speeding away


This photo was taken on the southbound NLEX heading home from yet another visit to a mall. In the background is the active volcano Mount Arayat. Although, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology lists it as inactive there have been reports of steam coming from the side of the mountain.

Time for Church


churchTook this shot during a 5-minute “Drive-Thru” style baptism ceremony. I know that some people think church ceremonies are too long but c’mon were not in Vegas! What type of introduction is this to the Catholic faith. Anyway, at least the church looked beautiful.

… get some watermelon. We couldn’t pass this fruit stand without getting some watermelons. If you drive through Pampanga or most provinces in the Philippines you will see these colorful stands. Most selling local fruit, vegetables or other local delicacies.


This is a picture of the Parade that runs through San Juan, Apalit from Saint Peters Parish(Apalit main parish) to Capalanagan. If you look closely you can see the candy that we were tossing for the participants.

The statue of Apung Iru(Saint Peter) is in the background.

PS This Fiesta is held every year at the end of June.

The Apalit Town Fiesta is a three day festival commemorating the Feast of Saint Peter “Apung Iru” which features the Colorful Libad, a Fluvial Parade along the Pampanga River.

In this video Apalit Mayor Jun Tetangco is tossing apples to the parade participants.

In this video you can see the statue of Saint Peter sitting on top of a decorated pagoda.